Katy Muroff is an entrepreneur and has been been building and developing with almost 20 years of experience.  Growing up on a working farm that instilled strong work ethic.  With a passion for design since a very early age and a desire to build, she has taken her skills and decided to pursue another dream that she already making a reality.


Katy has built many homes throughout her career, from modest residential homes to million dollar vacation homes and lodges. She also has developed several developments in Oregon, Montana and the latest conservation development in Mccall Idaho, Blackhawk on the River. And now with a new obsession with Tiny Homes on Wheels, she will use her creativity and drive to pave the way in the new niche market.
Katy also has an even more important career than building… She is the single mother of four wonderful boys from the ages of 20,17,11 and 7. And with their support and willingness to learn the entrepreneurship of their mother they are on their way to being becoming successful men that she is so proud of and works diligently to see her dream through to the end. !

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