Do you offer home tours? Can we visit the shop?

Absolutely! Appointments are recommended if you wanted to come check us out and view a model home. Were not always in the shop and would hate to miss you!

How much is a tiny home?

Having exact prices and plans are quite difficult because every build is custom and can vary in materials and fixtures. But we have some building specifications that are common in all builds.

Click Here for a more in-depth look at what factors are considered in the process.

Can you build just the shell?

I do appreciate DIYers and we do build partial home builds so that those wanting to get their hands dirty and roll up their sleeves can create their own tiny home masterpiece.

Does a tiny home on wheels need a permit to be on road?

My homes have a title and is classified as an RV So no permits needed.  We only build to the Transportation dept. and NHTSA regulations which must stay with 8’6” wide, under 13’6” tall, no longer than 65 feet with tow vehicle, and have running lights, which we build all into the home so no need for temporary lights.

How is sewage handled?

Most Tiny homes on wheels have composting or incinerating toilets so there is no water flushing.  But We can also build them with regular flushing if your going to have it plumbed to septic or sewer.  And we also can build with holding tanks like regular RVs

Do you have financing?

We do not provide in-house financing.  But we do work with Zions Bank and they will loan on our homes as well as some private financing.  We are in the process of getting our RVIA certification so you can get standard RV financing.

How do you power a tiny house?

Now here you have several options.  We can build with 110 or 220, whichever one your needing and with regular RV hookups.  Or you can go with solar which typically will run between $5,000 – $10,000 but is a great choice for those looking for total off grid energy.  You can also so with a generator as well.

How long does it take to build?

Typically if there are no plan changes or hold ups on product delivery of appliances, we like to say 8 to 12 weeks.